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Welcome to Praxis Computing Time-Web.


Capture your weekly timesheet here.

Our business is dependent on you recording your billable time.


Time-Web is a minimalist time recording system that aims to make timesheet capture as painless as possible.  Login, click on activities and enter your timesheet. Remember, we as a company need to bill your time as accurately as possible. Please enter your activities regularly so as not to forget any – daily is best. To make it even more convenient you can enter your timesheet on your mobile - even when the mobile is not connected to the internet. Connect via wi-fi at home or office and synchronise and your central timesheet will be updated.

Praxis Time-Web aims to fulfil the time recorder’s requirement to make the process as painless as possible and yet provide valuable information to managers to invoice and monitor. It records categorised time against clients and projects. The real value comes from the invoicing integration with Sage Evolution, the fantastic analysis available to managers and the ease of use. You can either analyse time and billings through an Excel spreadsheet BI front-end or online using Pentaho BI - click here for Pentaho BA for Time-Web.